There have been a few articles I have come across in the past couple of weeks about the domain Apparently this domain was owned by an entrepreneur who bought several high profile domains prior to y2k, being one of them. The owner has been downsizing and establishing a succession plan to ensure his children will not have to deal with any left over open ended issues as he is getting significantly older.

What’s fascinating is the potential risk associated with the domain getting into the hands of a malicious actor.

Microsoft needs to own this recent advertised discovery and ensure the domain is secured for our digitally connected world, it’s security and future resilience.

DHS Cyber Security Resources for both Public and Private entities

This is an article on LinkedIn about some of the resources available for training to the employees and interns at #CISA also know as the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency. As part of DHS, the goal of CISA is to assist with improving the cyber security posture for our nation’s public and private sector organizations across all critical industries and sectors. They have a wonderful and hard working team that assist with all aspects of an organizations cyber security program and many resources are free to State, Local (#SLTT #MS-ISAC) and #CriticalInfrastructure. The times we face today and tomorrow most certainly will have a cyber presence more prevalent than yesterday and we need to improve our #cyberhygiene without a doubt! We are connected 24×7 and it takes a significant amount of thought and effort to truly disconnect. (Maybe that should be the next blog post…What does it take to truly be disconnected?? Not just turning off your smart phone either…)